Wednesday, January 10, 2007

BreckConnect Gondola: Friend or Foe?

With the opening of the BreckConnect, the newest addition to Breckenridge Ski Resort, locals are starting to question why exactly it was built in the first place. Lauded as a way to make Breckenridge seem a bit more luxurious and a way to connect the town to the mountain, now that the gondola is up and running it doesn't seem to completely fit the bill.

The gondola was supposed to improve skiers' expeirences by cutting out having to take a bus from the parking lots up to Peak 8 and the new Peak 7. However, with parking around the gondola running at $10 a space, those looking to save money must take a bus to get to the gondola from parking lots located out on Airport Road or from around the county. While the gondola will save approximately 20,000 gallons of gas by cutting down on some of the bussing, it hardly cuts busses out of the picture for most of the resort's 1.6 million visitors

The gondola was also supposed to improve movement of people from the town to the mountain, thus exposing more visitors to the local stores and restaurants. However, given that the gondola drops people off not in the middle of town but closer to the northern edge of town, most locals don't see how the town will benefit. The gondola is outside the main shopping and dining area of town and many locals figure people will just take a bus to get back to their car and head out of town.

The fact that the gondola is appearing each day to be more of a benefit to Vail Resorts Real Estate Development than to the town of Breckenridge, its not surprising that some are angered over the $6.7 million the town chipped in to build this transport system. Only time will tell if the benefits of the gondola are all that Vail Resorts presented them to be.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Peak 7 Development

Peak 7 Development Company, LLC has been given an extended period of development rights of up to six years to complete the project, including residential units and commercial skier service facilities. The developers were asked to provide financial commitments to the town in exchange for the extension, which is commonly seen with large and complex projects. The developers offered to pay the town $50,000 for the extension to be used for affordable housing or for the installation of artificial turf at Summit High. A few council members think some of the money should be set aside for improved monitoring in nearby Cucumber Gulch, to ensure the best possible mitigation for any impacts resulting from the extended development process.

Ironically enough, the second article on the first page discussed these very impact issues in Cucumber Gulch as a result of the development on Peaks 7 and 8. While they stated that there was not overall ecological destruction, those monitoring the situation have seen a decline in some species of migratory songbirds, invasive weeds continue to be a problem, and the osprey that normally resides in the Gulch was nowhere to be found this past summer while construction of the BreckConnect Gondola was taking place. The ongoing residential and commercial development on Peaks 7 and 8 eliminated a large part of the movement corridor between the valley and the adjacent forests.

One would think that allowing the development to be extended would only be a negative factor in the Cucumber Gulch area...I find it interesting that for $50,000 to the town can turn a blind eye towards the destruction of this important ecological area.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Wellington Neighborhood

The Wellington Neighborhood was created as affordable housing for locals here in Breckenridge. Due to the high cost of homes, it can be difficult for integral people in the community to afford to buy a place of their own. With professionals like teachers, nurses, policemen, firemen, and business owners looking elsewhere to live and buy, the town created affordable housing that has a work requirment and sometimes deed restrictions.

Although you will not see the appreiciation you can find in other neighborhoods, if you live and work in town, this can be an affordable alternative to the high cost of homes in this second home market.

To see homes on the Market in the Wellington Neigborhood, please visit

Thursday, December 14, 2006

BlueSky Breckenridge

BlueSky is one of the newest developments in Breckenridge, located just off of Four O'Clock Road. BlueSky is a luxurious condominium located just steps from the Snowflake lift. This ski-in/ski-out access makes it one of the most desireable properties in Breckenridge. The units are reasonably priced considering that the new development on Peak 7 is estimated to start at $1,000 per square foot. With a Club Room, a Kid’s Game Room, a fitness center with heated swimming pool and hot tubs, and a day spa providing pampering spa treatments and wellness services, this development offers it all.

Visit our website to see BlueSky and its convenient location to Main Street and the mountain.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Technorati Profile

Timber Creek Estates Neighborhood

Today a new home showed up on the Summit County MLS in Timber Creek Estates. This Blue River House is a very well constructed modern house that is not as large as some of the homes in the area but is perfect for a local family or still a vacation rental property. Timber Creek Estates, located in Blue River, is the only subdivision in that town that has Breckenridge Sanitation sewer hook ups and a high capacity shared community well. The subdivision is fully paved which is rare to find in the Blue River area.

Please visit our Blue River and Breckenridge Subdivisions Map for a complete list of neighborhoods in the area.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Just a few new Summit County Real Estate Listings

Today there are only four new listings on the market with three of them in the Breckenridge Area and one in Keystone. Just south of Breckenridge, in Blue River, is a new listing in the Timber Creek Estates Neighborhood. It is a 3 bedroom home listed for $1,395,000.00. This area does produce good rental figures due to its proximity to the Breckenridge Ski Resort and, although this home is only 3 bedrooms, it is very large in size with each bedroom as a master suite. The second new listing sits on Lincoln Avenue in the heart of Breckenridge. This two bedroom home is listed for $699,900 and includes fully developed plans to renovate the site. This is an excellent location for a second home or rental property with great views of the mountains. Overlooking Breckenridge in the Baldy Mountain area is a Tyrollean Terrace studio listed for $184,900.00. This unit has excellent views of the Breckenridge Ski Resort and is conveniently on the bus route into town.

The only new listing in Keystone is a Buffalo Lodge Condo located in the heart of River Run Village. Walk to the slopes from this one bedroom condo listed for $254,900.