Thursday, December 21, 2006

Peak 7 Development

Peak 7 Development Company, LLC has been given an extended period of development rights of up to six years to complete the project, including residential units and commercial skier service facilities. The developers were asked to provide financial commitments to the town in exchange for the extension, which is commonly seen with large and complex projects. The developers offered to pay the town $50,000 for the extension to be used for affordable housing or for the installation of artificial turf at Summit High. A few council members think some of the money should be set aside for improved monitoring in nearby Cucumber Gulch, to ensure the best possible mitigation for any impacts resulting from the extended development process.

Ironically enough, the second article on the first page discussed these very impact issues in Cucumber Gulch as a result of the development on Peaks 7 and 8. While they stated that there was not overall ecological destruction, those monitoring the situation have seen a decline in some species of migratory songbirds, invasive weeds continue to be a problem, and the osprey that normally resides in the Gulch was nowhere to be found this past summer while construction of the BreckConnect Gondola was taking place. The ongoing residential and commercial development on Peaks 7 and 8 eliminated a large part of the movement corridor between the valley and the adjacent forests.

One would think that allowing the development to be extended would only be a negative factor in the Cucumber Gulch area...I find it interesting that for $50,000 to the town can turn a blind eye towards the destruction of this important ecological area.


M said...
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M said...

Ecological preservation is always a concern when developing new lands. Six years of development time will surely allow Peak 7 to analyze forestation concerns and approach them with an environmental friendly mindset.


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